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The backup battery module could well sell the Thecus N4200 all by itself
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03/15/2010When it comes to choosing a NAS, reliability is absolutely paramount. As such, Thecus® has created the N4200 - a four-bay NAS featuring 6D Technology. Trusted Reviews recently brought the N4200 into their test labs, and after examining it from virtually any angle, gave it a very strong 8 out of 10 rating!

The N4200 offers unbeatable reliability: "There are two main aspects to the inherent stability of the Thecus N4200: 'Dual DOM' and 'Dual Power.' The use of two DOMs means that should one of them suffer from some manner of error, the NAS will still function with critical system software stored on the secondary DOM - this can then can be coped back across to the primary unit. A quite neat sub-feature of this is the option to enable DOM 'Auto Repair' which backs up configuration settings so they won't be lost in the event of a failure. The dual power system comes in the form of a li-ion battery module that can be installed in the rear of the N4200, providing a backup to the mains connector in the event of a power failure. "

Performance and connectivity all-in-one: "The dual-core Intel Atom D510 processor nestling within the N4200, paired as it is with 1GB of RAM keeps the system ticking along nicely. Connectivity is certainly a strong point for the Thecus N4200. It boasts two eSATA ports, which can be configured either to work separately or alongside the four that can be housed internally - say, as an easily removable backup. Six USB ports, two at the front, four at the rear, provide for the connection of a large array of various devices, from cameras, through printers to USB storage drives."

Here's the Trusted Reviews conclusion: "If you can't afford a dedicated UPS, the backup battery module could well sell the Thecus N4200 all by itself. And if that's not persuasion enough the nippy performance provided by the dual-core Atom D510 CPU, or the large number of USB and eSATA ports might be.”

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