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Editors smitten with low power consumption and huge capacity
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03/10/2010For people on a tight budget, the N2200 from storage leader Thecus® Technology offers massive centralized storage at a very affordable price point. The editors of 59 Hardware took this value-packed 2-bay NAS and ran it through a series of tests. At the end, they really admired its generous bundle, power saving features, and overall flexibility.

Despite the low price, the N2200 doesn't cut any corners: "The N2200 comes with the usual supply of NAS: a power cord, Ethernet cable, a quick installation guide, a DVD and the necessary hardware to install your hard drives. The DVD contains the installer N2200 for Mac and PC, the firmware of N2200 and a fairly voluminous literature in different languages. The hardware includes screws for standard 2.5" or 3.5" drives and there was enough to afford to lose a few. We also appreciate having an Ethernet cord for an entry level product. We can say that Thecus NAS offers a competitive price without sacrificing the bundle.”

Users are going to save a bundle on their power bill with the N2200: "Overall, consumption of N2200 is quite good and is one of the best NAS tested on this site. One of the strengths of the N2200 is to put hard drives in standby. This standby allows almost dividing power consumption by two when using 3.5" disks. Also in order to reduce consumption, Thecus can schedule daily operating ranges. It is then possible to switch on the N2200 in the periods required.”

The conclusion? "The aluminum casing of N2200 inspires confidence on the robustness of the product over time. We can also acknowledge the relatively low power consumption of the N2200, which is among the 2-bay NAS more economical. This good energy management is supported by the functionality of standby disks and programming hours of start up and shutdown of the unit. Finally, the N2200 will cater to users looking for a very affordable 2-bay NAS without wanting the best possible performance…Similarly, if you want a NAS to secure your data on RAID 1 with automatic backup tasks then the N2200 is for you.”

We love
· Up to 4 TB of storage
· Supports 2.5" and 3.5" disks
· Hot-swappable hard drive bays with auto-rebuild
· Reasonable power consumption
· Competitive price

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