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“The ideal NAS for Home and Office.”
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02/14/2017Italiamac is the  largest Mac Community (AMUG) in Italy for Apple computer users, from professional users to enthusiasts. Recently they had a look at what Thecus had to offer the Italiamac community by reviewing Thecus’ 2-bay NAS, the N2810.
With ever-increasing improvements in technology it has become necessary to implement more powerful processors in network attached storage ”such as the one mounted on the NAS Thecus N2810, thanks to Intel Celeron N3050 processor and 2GB of RAM is able to play video in 4K / H.265 up to 30fps […] The 2GB of RAM (expandable up to 8) is more than enough for home use and almost never are saturated.

The N2810 runs on the latest ThecusOS 7.0, offering an intuitive user interface, including features such as Photo Station, User Profile and the Thecus App Centre.

“The App center (a kind of App Store where you can download various 'forms' to expand the functionality of NAS) has quick links to multiple modules.

Some would be very useful for Apple users, features such as iTunes server and TimeMachine are already present, others include Plex (to play streaming media content), Transmission (Torrent client), OwnCloud (system for managing files) and even antivirus (McAfee - Intel Security).”
“Another strength is the ability to program various actions, such as auto power-off, which is very practical in the house if you want to avoid the noise of mechanical discs overnight.”

Throughout the article, Italiamac highlighted the various applications that can be accessed in the N2810, paying special attention to its multimedia functionality. Italiamac finished by stating that “the N2810 is a good NAS for both the home and for the office.”
  • Two LAN ports
  • It supports streaming video in 4K
  • RAM expandable
Thanks to Francesco Scattolini at Italiamac for this review.

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