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"In the era of connectivity, to centralize, to protect and to share data, has become a commonplace, but you need to be properly equipped."
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01/25/2017. Zeden is a website platform dedicated to gaming. The team provides its audience the latest info on Gaming hardware. With this generation needs for Data storage growing every day, NAS systems are a perfect solution for daily use to back up, share, and access numerous data. After testing the N2810 in 2016, for the beginning of 2017 they put under microscope the W4810, a 4-bay Windows Storage Server, with the capacity to store up to 40 TB of Data.

Windows Storage server 2012 R2
The Thecus W4810 belongs to the WSS series, which runs a free Windows Storage server 2012 R2 Essentials License directly embedded within a 60Gb SSD disk. The integration of a 60 GB SSD to support the OS […] which is required to launch the server, saves a lot of time during the various restarts of the system. It takes less than 15 seconds to reboot the system, allowing the various users minimal downtime.”

Speaking about WSS 2012 R2, this is the perfect solution for those (private user, or small business) who are already working under a Windows environment. “This is neither more nor less than the server version of Windows 8. The OS Windows Server 2012 R2 looks very much like Windows 8, however it has network-oriented tools that can be complicated to configure when used by of an uninitiated user. Nevertheless the commonality with Windows 8 will allow the users to access this WSS like a simple computer."

Tests and results

Zeden tested the W4810 was tested for 3 parameters, all important if you are intending to use the device as a multimedia solution; Electric consumption, as the device will be made to work 24/7; speed in reading / writing and noise in use.

According to their results, the electric consumption is constant whatever the use of this server, when switching on, when connecting remotely with data exchange or even in multimedia mode. In terms of performance, the W4810 performed admirably. They also highlighted the fact that the W4810 is very silent. “For noise pollution, it is virtually non-existent […] with a level of 39.7 dBa.”


According to Zeden team, this NAS is very convincing with its performance. It is perfectly adapted for the novice or expert user, as it is an easy to use device with its Windows applications. Thanks to its low nuisance sound and its HDMI output, the Thecus N4810 will ideal for any Multimedia use. “The W4810 is quite simple to use and will therefore satisfy even the most beginner user for simple management as a server, as well handle the demands for the most seasoned.

We thank Jean-Baptiste and Pierre-Alexis at Zeden for the test and the award.

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