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PC & Tech Authority is a leading Australian magazine focused on providing the latest news to the IT world, it also has developed a substantial online presence over the years. This time around they looked at one of Thecus’ Window Storage Servers for small and medium businesses, the W4810.

Microsoft Architecture

Based on the Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials, the WSSE software includes many unique Windows Server features including Data Deduplication, Windows AD, high availability  and scalability with Failover clustering and Storage spaces. It also provides seamless integration with Microsoft cloud services Office365 and Microsoft Azure.There’s full cloud access, and some of the best backup and file duplication tools around at this price point.”


The W4810 is powered by Intel’s Celeron N3160 CPU and has been paired with 4GB of DDR3 memory. This quad-cored chip consumes a tiny 6W TDP, even though it has a burst frequency of 2.24GHz. […] and like the earlier W5810 also has an embedded SSD drive. It’s 60GB in size, and works as a cache to speed up file access to regularly used files, similar to the way hybrid mechanical/SSD drives work.”

Additional Functionality

“However, it’s the DisplayPort, HDMI and optical output connections that will make this NAS noteworthy for media fiends. Not only does it mean typical network administrators can log directly into the machine, it can also double up as a media box under your TV.”

“There’s also a handy app for smartphones that allows remote control while you’re out of the office or home, while the Launchpad application allows remote PCs access to the basics without compromising security features.”
Orbweb functionality means you can also set up a remote desktop view of files, media playback (up to 1080p) and even webcam monitoring.”

Value for money

For small and medium sized businesses who have pre-existing Windows environments, this Windows Storage Server can be an ideal fit.  “Maximum capacity is 40TB, more than enough for most mid-sized businesses […] power users and small business owners will find that it delivers a feature-set that usually costs considerably more.
We would to thank Bennett Ring and the whole team at PC & Tech Authority for the award.

For the whole W4810 review by PC & Tech Authority, please go check out their January edition of their magazine.
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