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The N7770-10G delivers Uninterrupted Accessibility with HA
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Taipei, Taiwan - January
17, 2017 - PCADV is a well-known IT media in Taiwan, providing up-to-date tech information to its many loyal readers with both its magazine and electronic format. This week the editor decided to test the Thecus N7770-10G, here is what he had to say.


The N7770-10G comes equipped with the Intel Core-i3 2120 3.3GHz processor, 8GB ECC memory, and a 10G network card, all enabling this NAS fast and stable data transmission efficiency. For the best price/performance ratio, this NAS is compatible with the largest capacity of SATA hard drives on the market, plus iSCSI thin-provisioning that provides fast transfer speeds with the ability to reduce wasted disk space. Seven different modes of Link Aggregation are also available, including load balancing and failover that deliver high performance and transmission stability.

HA (High Availability)

The N7770-10G supports HA functionality. Running two NAS side by side, HA keeps both up to date and ready to run any and all data functions. These NAS clones automatically synchronize their content through a “Heartbeat connection”.

If one NAS has an issue, the passive NAS will take over the reins and ensure continuous data service. "Not familiar with the HA environment, users may be worried about the need for complex network knowledge to be able to build this setup and the need for special network equipment. However, if the reader can install NAS to the network, then there is no need for special network equipment, existing hardware can be used. You will still need several network lines, and groups of RJ45 network ports available.”

In Summary

“If you want a NAS that is capable of standard storage, file sharing, that supports high availability and 10GbE capability and that has both good performance and security, then this NAS should be highly considered.”

Thanks to the team at PCADV  for the review.

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