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“If you're looking to manage a Windows server in your environment, I can safely say that the W2810PRO delivers”
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– reaches a deep community of IT professionals, extreme tech enthusiasts and a hardcore gaming community by providing technology industry news with added emphasis on software. This month they reviewed Thecus Windows 2-bay NAS, the W2810PRO.  

What's unique among NAS devices is that the W2810PRO has an embedded 60GB SSD drive that holds the operating system. This lets you replace all of your drives at once without having to worry about reinstalling the base OS and reconfiguring the device. It also means the NAS device boots up extremely quickly. The base install of Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials takes up about half of the space, leaving you plenty of extra disk capacity.”

Easy Configuration

There isn't much to talk about when it comes to configuration. If you can do it on Windows Server, you can do it on the Thecus W2810PRO. That's great when it comes to flexibility as you're not locked into whatever configurations that the operating system provides you like you are with the competition.”

Data Deduplication  
“By setting up deduplication, the operating system examines files and ensures that it only keeps one copy of a file. For an individual user, this isn't too big of a deal, but if you're in a small workgroup, it saves space if ten people each download the same install file.Depending on the different types of data, use of data deduplication can allow businesses to save from 20-80% of their storage space.

Set up Client Restore Service
 A key differentiator between the Thecus W2810PRO and a typical appliance NAS is that, because it's running Windows, it can be used to backup your Windows and Mac clients using the "Set up Client Restore Service" feature. If your laptop hard drive were to fail, for example, you'd be able to purchase a new one (equal or greater in size) and restore the system back to where it was at the time of the last backup. 

If you're a Windows admin (or want to learn more about Windows Server), and want the flexibility of being able to run whatever Windows applications you want on your server without the limitations of an appliance, the Thecus W2810PRO is a worthy contender for your attention.” 

Thanks to the Chris Write at Neowin for this review.

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