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“Thecus N5810PRO is able to strengthen an existing network and backup infrastructure and control various aspects of the company as a standalone machine”
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01/05/2017 – Tech From The Net is an Italian website dedicated to the latest news about IT. TFTN bring to their readers a full range information and tests for electronic devices, and everything related to High-Tech products. After testing the W2810PRO earlier this year and the N4810 in September, this time they focused their energy on the Thecus N5810PRO with built-in mini-UPS.
Hardware and performance
The Thecus N5810PRO carries a J1900 Intel Celeron CPU powered at 2GHz and 4 GB RAM DDR3 (up to 8 GB). “In practice, the performance of this Thecus NAS does not disappoint, in single LAN it will reach 110 MB/s reading and 105 MB/s writing. With the capacity to aggregate up to 5 integrated LAN ports, “the N5810PRO is a brilliant solution to alleviate a business’ database and infrastructure burden.”
Thecus innovated with this model; the Thecus N5810PRO is the only NAS system on the market providing a built-in mini-UPS. The ingenious integration of an inverter, able to limit the loss of data due to a lack of power. In case of power loss, the system will turn off NAS activity normally, to avoid loss of data. Power duration depends on numbers of HDD and models, but it would last about 5 min, enough to turn off the system normally.
ThecusOS 7.0
The Thecus N5810PRO runs under the newly redesigned, and user-friendly Thecus OS in its 7.0 generation. “Like many other storage manufacturers, the company has developed over the years a dedicated interface and a Linux-based system. Based on a GUI graphic interface it closely resembles a common desktop computer, with icons, app and mouse pointer”.
Data protection
The Thecus N5810PRO offers Acronis Backups (Time machine on Mac) to protect your critical data from loss or unexpected events that enable the user to create planned backups. Moreover with the 5-bays embedded, “Data security is entrusted to the powerful algorithm RAID (RAID 0, 1 5, 6, and JBOD). You can even replicate your Data in the Cloud with Elephant Drive, DropBox, and Amazon S3 or in your personal private Cloud via DDNS mode.
How to conclude better than a direct quote from TFTN: “Thecus N5810PRO is proposed as a handyman tool, capable of reinforcing an existing network and backup infrastructure and controlling various aspects of the company as a standalone machine, a logic especially valid in small environments where there is no other server or NAS. Overall, the management of backups, users and permissions are clear and simple, within reach of the less experienced.”
  • Robust and well-built frame
  • Solid bays with lockers
  • Front display
  • 5x LAN, USB 3.0
  • Mini-UPS with great autonomy
  • Good overall performance

Thecus thanks Daniele Preda from “Tech From The Net” for the review.
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