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“Thecus has a reputation for delivering cost-effective NAS solutions and its latest N12850L takes this to the next level”
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12/29/2016 – Simply.Reviews is dedicated to providing the right information to the people that matter. In their own words, they are committed to wading through the vast marketing jungle, cutting through all the hype, ads, and sleek commercials to bring back the truth about any product and service for the masses! This time they had the Thecus 12-bay rackmount NAS, the N12850L in their sight.
The N12850L and N12850RU are the first of a diverse range of customizable enterprise-class NAS solutions that offer varying levels of hardware and software to best suit businesses intricate requirements. “This pair of new 12-bay rack mount appliances launched by the company have the key focus of value, customization and expansion [...] Thecus has a reputation for delivering cost-effective NAS solutions and its latest N12850L takes this to the next level.
Massive Expansion
Costs have been reduced as both models only support SATA drives – if you want SAS3 check out the standard N12850. However, storage capacity for the N12850L can be expanded massively by fitting an optional Avago dual-port SAS HBA and daisy-chaining up to four Thecus D16000 16-bay expansion shelves.

High availability
High availability (HA) is present on all Thecus enterprise appliances and the low price of the N12850L makes it a great choice for this duty. Link two N12850L appliances together over dedicated network ports for heartbeat functions and if one goes down, the other takes over.
Final Thoughts
The low price and decent performance makes the N12850L a good choice for businesses that want affordable, uncomplicated NAS and IP SAN storage […] All the key storage features are present and correct and its high expansion potential makes it a good long-term investment
  • Very good value
  • Fast 10GbE performance
  • BTRFS and snapshots
  • Dual redundant PSUs
  • Good expansion capabilities 
Thanks to David Mitchell and Simply Reviews for the review
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