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“Thecus offers up a very impressive NAS ”
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12/16/2016 – With well over 15 million pageviews monthly Guru3D is one of World's leading Interactive Entertainment and PC Hardware fan sites. covers the hottest hardware on the market. Earlier in the year they reviewed the N2810, this time their attention turned it’s bigger brother  the Thecus N4810.
Thecus offers up a very impressive NAS. It is diverse, fast and comes with properly specced hardware like the quad-core Celeron and 4GB (expandable to 8GB) SODIMM memory. Combined with ThecusOS 7, that symbiosis of a proper GUI, functionality and all APP related items this product shines.
The new processor and memory make this unit plenty fast for normal NAS operation, it felt really responsive. Overall we reached high transfer speeds over our single Gigabit Ethernet connection [...] it's plenty fast for all your file and web activities. With large files and a fast enough HDD over a Gigabit connection you will reach 100~115 MB/sec on reads and writes. 
Price wise, heck, it's not bad either. Typically the market value of a consumer NAS is 150 EURO per bay based on your average hardware specs, so a product like shown today offers that quad-core processor, 4GB, 4 HDD trays and everything else. You'd expect the product to be in the 600 EURO range for specs alone, well the N4810 is selling for 460 EURO (street price) here in the Netherlands, and yes, that makes this a high-end NAS offered at an attractive price.
The last bit is the APP center. Everything you will ever need is there, there are dozens if not hundreds of apps available to you to install and fool around with [...] Power consumption is good and lovely to see are the HDMI and DP connectors so that you can even use the unit as a KODI media center.
“This NAS server is seriously impressive as it comes with newly updated ThecusOS (Linux) software [...] We can recommend the Thecus N4810 for both that SOHO and consumer side of the market. What an incredibly fun and properly specced product.
Thanks to Hilbert at Guru3d for this review.
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