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“The Thecus N2200 NAS is great for a SoHo or small office”
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02/25/2010The needs of SoHo users vary greatly, which is why the feature-packed Thecus® N2200 is quickly becoming a classic in this segment. In their January 2010 issue, HWM Malaysia Magazine had the opportunity to give the N2200 a whirl, and after an extensive array of tests, said that the “the Thecus N2200 NAS is great for a SoHo or small office”, awarding it a score of 8.5 out of 10 and their highly coveted Silver Award!

HWM starts off by introducing the N2200: "Like a black box in an airplane, the Thecus N2200 NAS is designed to store and protect your valuable data. Sturdily designed with slick black paint, the N2200 definitely looks the business. The chassis of the N2200 is basically designed more like a tank and is able to protect the hard disks inside. When turned on, it greets you with a bright liquid crystal display so you can monitor the N2200 at all times."

The N2200 is packed with useful features: "Other than being able to store your data, the N2200 comes with a myriad of practical yet fun features to aid your digital lifestyle. With easy to update firmware and also module add-ons, the N2200 can definitely be much more than a simple NAS. By upgrading the Download Manager, not only will the N2200 support HTTP and FTP downloads, it will also be able to handle downloads from BitTorrent and eMule. The great thing about the new download manager is that it will download your files during off-peak hours, which saves your bandwidth when you need it most."

Users will also get a kick out of the N2200's extensive multimedia features: "As for multimedia usage, the N2200 packs some powerful features under its hood including an iTunes server, a photo web server, and a media server. Using the N2200 is definitely a great way to share photos of an office party, plans or data and even add some ambience to a SoHo environment.”

Here's the HWM verdict: "With an affordable price tag, great power savings capabilities and also tons of features, the Thecus N2200 NAS is great for a SoHo or small office.”

For the full review, check out the January 2010 issue of HWM Malaysia Magazine.

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