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A robust NAS that can meet numerous needs for SMB as for Home users thanks to its Multimedia features.
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12/15/2016 - IT-connect is a French platform providing lectures in network and system administration for IT professionals as well as news and tests on the latest electronic devices released on the market. Florian Burnel, founder of IT-Connect, tested for us the Thecus N5810PRO with mini-UPS and running on the new ThecusOS 7.0.
 The specifications on paper are really enticing especially with integration of a mini-UPS. Thecus provides a 5-bay NAS, with 5 Ethernet Gigabit Ports, on this kind of model it’s exceptional [...] Performances are really good”.  The N5810PRO is built for powerful performance, through its multiple LAN connections and via link aggregation, the system can reach rapid throughput speeds of up to 500 MB/s.
ThecusOS 7.0
The N5810PRO runs on the new Thecus operating system, delivering an intuitive new design and avid array of new features. “ThecusOS 7.0 interface has been redesigned with appearance of a classical tool bar you can find with competitors. It’s clearly better than the previous version […] Thecus did a great job to improve their OS software, making it more convenient and user friendly.”
The Thecus App Center provides a wide range of official and 3rd party applications. “The shop is evolving fast, it counts more than 700 Apps, that is enormous […] ThecusOS 7.0  integrates the File Center and it is clearly oriented towards multimedia with the streaming of contents via HDMI, Apple TV or Chromecast.
According to Florian Burnel from IT-Connect, “ThecusOS 7.0 is improving a lot, it has become user friendly with the new interface, and with a few details erased it will be even better. The Thecus N5810PRO is a robust NAS that can meet numerous needs for SMB as for home users thanks to its Multimedia features. It displays very useful connection ports and it innovates by integrating a mini-UPS battery.
Positive Points:
  • Mini UPS, Great idea
  • 5 Ports Ethernet Gigabit, supporting LACP, excellent
  • HDMI port for extended multimedia functions
  • Lock Bays with keys
  • Robustly built, metal box
  • Mobile Apps
  • New ThecusOS 7.0 
We thank Florian at IT-Connect for the award.
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