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The Thecus N2810 was a solid performer. Speed results using a combination of link aggregation and SSDs were better than expected
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11/29/2016 – The Australian based GeekLingo,  provides up-to-date tech advice and product reviews for their audience. Having tested Thecus’ Window Storage Server NAS, the W2810PRO early this year, this time they looked at  Thecus’ two-bay linux based NAS, the N2810.  

Under the hood
The N2810 is the first NAS of the N2810 series, it provides solid performance for storage and multimedia  usage. For greater processing speed and connectivity, users can look its bigger brother, the N2810PRO. “The Thecus N2810 is a linux based 2-bay NAS powered by Intel’s Dual-core N3050 Celeron CPU. The N3050 runs at 1.6Ghz and is capable of 4K video transcoding. It comes configured with 2GB RAM that can be expanded to 8GB through the use of compatible DDR3 modules.”
Thecus OS 7.0
The N2810 runs on the latest ThecusOS 7.0, which provides easy navigation through its intuitive user interface. The Thecus OS 7.0 resembles a clean, simple and modern operating system and comes with similar features to its competitors. It includes a range of useful back up options […] and also provides access to additional official and 3rd party add-ons via the Apps Center.”

Final Thoughts
In the end, GeeklLingo overall assessment of the features and the performance of the N2810 was positive. “The Thecus N2810 was a solid performer. Speed results using a combination of link aggregation and SSDs were better than expected. For new players, the N2810 can be a viable alternative to similar products from the likes of Synology and QNAP.”
Thanks to the Noeneel Sharma at GeekLingo for this review.
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