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“Easy and cost effective to turn spare drives into an excellent SMB storage system.”
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11/21/2016The Channel Pro Network provides targeted business and information for IT channel partners who serve small and midsize businesses (SMBs). They deliver expert opinion, analysis, news, product reviews, and advice vital to a channel partner's business success. This time they put the N2810 under the microscope.

The N2810 is a perfect fit for small to medium sized companies that are looking for a user-friendly solution to handle the demand of data sharing and storage. “The N2810 provides quick file storage with plenty of additional software modules in a silent and almost invisible box. This model, with two disk bays, includes the newest operating system version (ThecusOS 7.0) that’s as friendly as a kid’s tablet game.” 
“There are built-in options, including Acronis client backup software. But drill down into the App Center a bit, and you’ll find easy ways to leverage the N2810 as a front end for Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Evault, CrashPlan, TeamDrive, Elephant Drive, and Amazon’s AWS S3. Need the reliability of automatic failover between two N2810s? Got it. Want some file syncing apps? Two clicks and they’re yours.

“The admin pages are clean but not cutesy. Drives can be set to spin down after a certain amount of inactivity, and can be encrypted. This box, though aimed at small businesses, can also be an iSCSI target.”

Other NAS boxes offer downloadable applications to add a variety of functions, but Thecus has as many or more than most. There’s no need to add any applications for normal NAS operations, but if you want to make your N2810 box into a backup server you have a variety of options. Local, remote, and rsync backup services are built in.”

The final summary of the N2810 was overall positive. “This inexpensive NAS “tower” accepts a range of drive types and capacities, making it easy and cost effective to turn spare drives into an excellent SMB storage system (…) All in all, this NAS includes features from the company’s high-end systems in an SMB-focused box.

We thank James Gaskin and the whole team at The Channel Pro Network for the review.

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