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“Its price is very competitive, it's built on the new dual-core CPU of the Braswell series, and supports AES-encryption for safe data transfers and 4K format for video playback”.
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10/13/2016 The team at the YouTube-channel “Techno-Kitchen” recently talked to their audience about all the possibilities that the Thecus N2810 brings, as well as about the key role that NAS solutions play in the modern world of growing digital data and video-formats development.

There are still many people who consider a NAS something that is only for geeks or advanced IT professionals, something that is far away from our every-day requirements, however Techno-Kitchen highlighted some important challenges that can be faced by a home user or a small business owner. “Nowadays people can be faced with the lack of storage space due constant data growth, with the necessity of backing up their data to prevent loss, and the desire to keep their information confidential. All these tasks can be successfully tackled by this NAS, which has a powerful platform, and even with only 2 HDDs can provide plenty of storage and high data transfers, it has capability of backing up data from several PCs at the same time, as well as supports AES-encryption”.

“Among all the NASs available, we have chosen this very one – Thecus N2810 – for several reasons: first, its price is very competitive comparing it with similar solutions of the competition, second, this NAS is built on the new dual-core CPU of Braswell series, i.e. Intel Celeron 3050, third, this device supports AES-encryption for safe data transfers and 4K format for video playback”.
Other advantages of this NAS that were highlighted were its compact size, silent operation, thoughtful design of the front panel, USB3.0, Gigabit Ethernet ports and HDMI port with a direct video-playback.
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