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“It's simple, responsive and most of all does the job”
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10/25/2016 Located in Australia, GeekLingo is a one-stop source for tech product reviews, tech buying tips and advice about what’s new in the tech industry. Having tested a number of NAS before, GeekLingo decided to put Thecus’ Windows Storage Server NAS, the W2810PRO under the microscope.

The Set Up

The Thecus WSS NAS is simple enough to be set up without IT support, yet provides an enterprise-level solution. “Once configured, it can run headless and you can simply RDP to it. Once the Thecus W2810PRO completes the boot up sequence, which by the way is so much faster than a Linux based NAS, you are greeted with the familiar Windows desktop.
The Performance

The W2810PRO comes with a Free Microsoft license, no Windows Server CALS are required, allowing businesses to run Windows at no extra cost. “This NAS is capable of supporting up to 50 clients which is plenty for the home or small office environment […] the Thecus W2810PRO was feature packed with external ports including HDMI, DisplayPort, SPDIF and USB 3.0.”
The Highlights

The W2810PRO performed well above what we’ve experienced in the past with a Linux based NAS. The file copy to an external destination pretty much saturated the single gigabit link we were using on the W2810PRO. It should also be noted that the W2810PRO comes with two gigabit network ports so you could always increase the bandwidth on the W2810PRO if required.”
The Final Thoughts

“The Thecus W2810PRO is perfect for the SOHO market, providing easy integration into existing Windows infrastructure and services. If you are wanting Windows in a box, this is one that you should definitely have a closer look at. The user experience with Windows Storage Server Essentials was a fresh change from what we are used to. It’s simple, responsive and most of all does the job.
Thanks to the Noeneel Sharma at GeekLingo for this review.
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