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“Solid, sturdy and a shade of black that exudes professionalism from every pore”
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08/29/2016 – The tech savvy team at Chimera Revo have been bringing reviews, guides, news and analysis for the IT world for years to their Italian audience. Earlier in the year, they reviewed the Thecus’ N5810PRO, this time, they put the smaller 2-bay Windows NAS the W2810PRO under the microscope.

Having only previously tested NAS with Linux-based operating systems before, Chimera Revo decided to change their trend and tried one of Thecus’ Windows based NAS. “The choice fell on one of the latest devices released by Thecus, the W2810PRO: it is a 2-bay NAS which came with interesting technical features and equipped, this time, with the operating system  Windows Storage Server 2012 R2  Essentials.”

“Like all Thecus products, the quality of the W2810PRO is able to be seen with the naked eye: solid, sturdy and a shade of black that exudes professionalism from every pore.”

“The W2810PRO comes equipped with the operating system Windows Storage Server 2012 R2, based on Windows 8.1 and optimized by Thecus for storage. The Microsoft system comes complete and fast, ideal in heavily oriented environments of Microsoft products.”

This NAS delivers 20TB of storage capacity, with a unique feature set ideal for SMB businesses that wish to operate their businesses with a Windows platform. “The NAS will be at ease in a highly Microsoft-oriented environment: an Exchange server is a natural complement to this NAS, with the ability to integrate access to Office 365 or Microsoft Azure and use the NAS as an access point to cloud functionality for all clients [...] The Thecus NAS W2810PRO is extremely suitable for medium / large sized companies for backup, syncing and layering to a huge number of online services - ranging from Office to Sharepoint.”

After a thorough investigation, this was Chimera Revo’s final verdict. “The potential of Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials, combined with the experience and customization skills of Thecus have borne results: the Thecus W2810PRO is a good product, efficient and without too many frills, can do exactly what an IT administrator would expect to  do using this operating system.”

Thanks to the Jessica at Chimera Revo for this review.

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