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“This two-bay NAS is definitely speedy”
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08/22/2016- Bringing the latest news to the IT world by print and online, PC & Tech Authority has established itself as a reliable source for IT content in Australia. Thecus' N2810 was recently a part of a group test consisting of several leading NAS.

Cloud storage services have risen in capacity and dropped in price. With the NAS industry booming, the team at PC and Tech Authority rounded up ten of the latest SOHO NAS to be  put to the test. Testing the read and write transfer speeds of each, as well as looking at the hardware features of each NAS for the review. "Speed, access, privacy, protection, control. These are the crucial factors that mean NAS drives will always appeal to those in the technical know."
When put through the performance tests, the Thecus N2810 showed it had the speed and power to rival the competition."This two-bay NAS is definitely speedy. With a 1.6GHz Braswell Celeron N3050 processor and a healthy 2GB of DDR3 RAM, the Thecus N2810 is one of the fastest units in the test, with an average write speed of 106.8 MB/sec in our large video file transfer and coming a close second for read speeds. Only a slightly-less-than-stellar effort in our small files transfer tests prevented it from topping the PCTA Labs performance test."
The N2810 provides an impressive assortment of hardware for connectivity.  "Connectivity is another strength, with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports supporting link bonding, three USB3.0 ports, with one handy at the front, and an HDMI output that enables the N2810 to double as a media player as well as a server. With built-in transcoding abilities it's certainly equipped for the job."
Recently this year, Thecus released its new operating system, the ThecusOS 7.0. Delivering greater functionality and user ability than its predecessor to users. "Thecus provides a huge range of options for advanced users and a decent selection of add-on modules to download and install.
Throughout  the review, Thecus' two-bay device was able to stand out from the group. It's speed and powerful hardware delivering strong results."This is a powerful NAS capable of handling high-end tasks and workloads".          
Thanks to the team at PC & Tech Authority for this review.
For the whole N2810 review by, please go read the July issue of PC & Tech Authority Magazine.
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