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“It demonstrated the maximum possible speeds in writing and reading from this sort of gigabyte network.”
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08/18/2016 IXBT – one of the leading information media-platforms in the IT-segment in Russian which is where professionals often exchange information. Recently they reviewed Thecus’ N7770-10G, a 7-bay NAS for the corporate segment. Here is their verdict.

The N7770-10G brings several advantages with its embedded software, “intuitive interface without unnecessary complications which will be appreciated by the corporate segment, Data Burn functionality for the optical drives, as well as the possibility not only to chose a file system when configuring RAID, but also - the size of the drives pool and the inode size for EXT4, lastly the “Storage” section where a user can obtain all key information about the system and HDD’s working status and condition.” 

Thecus N7770-10G proved to be an interesting model thanks to its specifications and functions. “First, it allows users to install 7 HDDs in the format of a tower. Of course, in most cases, business-segment storage systems are engineered as rackmounts, but in some offices, there may be no possibility to install such a kind of design. Also, this NAS has a very solid chassis of a quite compact size with a thoughtfully designed quiet cooling system.”

“Second, this NAS is equipped with two Gigabit network controllers and has an additional 10 GB/s adaptor included into the package. This allows the system to realize several scenarios, including an increase in speed and reliability improvement. Besides, one can divide the clients in accordance with different sub-networks. Thanks to Intel Core i3 CPU, this NAS can play the role of a multifunctional server. This also becomes available thanks to 8GB of the memory with possibility to upgrade to 32GB.”

While testing, Thecus N7770-10G NAS, the editor recorded, it demonstrated the maximum possible speeds in writing and reading from this sort of Gigabyte network.

At the moment of this review went to publication the market price for this NAS amounted to RUB 120,000.00 (including all taxes).

We thank Alexander Vorobiev and the whole IXBT team for the cooperation.
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