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“Our experience with the N2810 is seamless.”
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08/17/2016 Insomnia is a well known IT media in Greece, as their name suggests they are tech maniacs not able to sleep due to reviewing the latest technology. Last time Insomnia had a look at the Windows NAS 2000+, this time they turned their attention to the N2810.

The Thecus N2810 is a quite powerful 2-bay NAS, with interesting features such as the very capable Intel processor, the ability to upgrade the RAM (up to 4GB), the advanced user interface ThecusOS 7 plus the encryption of user data.” 

During their review, they put the NAS under the microscope with a number of tests to discover what it could deliver. Fully exploiting the potential of Gigabit LAN interfaces and formats EXT4, the Thecus N2810 managed to touch read speeds between 90MV / s ~ 105MV / s (FTP non-encrypted in RAID1) and write 80MB / s ~ 100MB / s (FTP encrypted in RAID1). In BTRFS format, the system achieved similar speeds regarding unencrypted files.

As well as its power, Insomnia was impressed with its additional hardware and functionality. “Further adding to the robust metal construction, the device has three USB 3.0 ports, supports multiple communication protocols and formats (EXT4 / BTRFS), the easy accessibility of the discs from the front (with the possibility of hot-swap replacement) and secure the key, low power consumption (~ 12.5W), the presence of HDMI video output, Link Aggregation, the possibility of installing Printer Server and data transfer in the Cloud - which give the system an almost "professional" character, making it ideal for use at home (even and Multimedia Server) and office (SOHO).”

The final verdict was overwhelmingly positive, “our experience with the N2810 is seamless, and in addition to the satisfactory performance, both in the multimedia playback and reading recording files, the NAS behaved impeccably maintaining the level of noise to acceptable levels (below 40dB) – it can easily even be put next to your desk.”

We liked:
- Low power consumption (Idle Mode) 
- USB Interfaces 3.0 (x3) 
- HDMI video output, 
- Support Kodi and Plex 
- Robust construction, 
- Hot-Swappable drawers, easy access to the system 
- Easy installation 

Thanks to the team at Insomnia for this review.

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