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“Thecus N2810 is the most well rounded of all the systems we tested today”
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08/12/2016  As one of the biggest media in the IT industry, Tom's Hardware has long been a trusted source for consumers researching the latest developments in the technology industry. Last year they had a look at the Thecus N5810PRO. This year the N2810 went up against 5 other NAS in their latest NAS round up.
The competition

Tom’s Hardware round up this month was for 2-bay NAS appliances, all the top performing brands were included. 2-bay NAS are unique in the marketplace, as they bring network attached storage to the mass consumer market. “2-bay NAS servers allow novice and power-users excellent value for storing their data in a secure, central location at a much lower price point. Users with more technical experience will find great value in some of the products we're testing today. The systems in our roundup fall under two categories; feature-rich or simple to use.” 

The N2810

Thecus’ advantage against other NAS providers is its hardware, which due to its premium architecture can deliver powerful performance. “The N2810 is most expensive but the most powerful. It features an Intel SoC and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports that provide seven different link aggregation modes. All three of the USB ports are 3.0, and an HDMI port provides direct-to-monitor video playback. Thecus enabled all of its software applications for this system, and it even released its new Thecus OS 7 operating system in tandem with the NAS.

The N2810 has ample processing power to make use of the dual Ethernet ports. It features an Intel Braswell SoC processor and 2GB of system memory from the factory […] and this is the only system in our roundup that users can remove the SODIMM modules and replace them with 1x 4GB or 1x 8GB sticks.”

“The Intel processor can use up to 8GB of system memory in a dual-channel configuration... increasing the system memory gives users a smoother user experience and the ability to run more applications at one time. The additional memory also boosts simultaneous file transfers and provides higher speeds.”


Over this round up, extensive tests carried out by the Tom’s Hardware team, which was where the N2810 was able to shine and demonstrate its full potential. The N2810 provided a high performance during each workload, and also stood out for delivering a balanced performance. These tests included various SMB performance testing “The Thecus N2810 performs slightly better with random read data across the range of queue depths”, also iSCSI performance “the Thecus delivers a solid opening round with iSCSI by delivering slightly better performance than the other systems.”

The final verdict of the NAS round-up was extremely favorable for the N2810.”The N2810 is a feature-rich system with hot-swappable drive bays, extensive software applications, large system memory and a powerful processor […] The Thecus N2810 is the most well rounded of all the systems we tested today. ”
  • Powerful processor
  • Good performance
  • Hotswap trays
  • Extensive software applications
  • iSCSI support
  • HDMI
Thanks to Chris and the team at Tom’s Hardware for this review.
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