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Editors praise build quality, flawless operation, and ease-of-use
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09/21/2005 – As a NAS solution, the Thecus N4100 has been turning many heads in the hardware community. The latest review was done by renowned hardware authority Tom's Hardware Guide. After extensive testing, Tom's Hardware walked away very impressed, citing excellent build quality, ease-of-setup, and flawless operation.

The care that went into the design of the N4100 really impressed editors: "Thecus has designed a very good looking case, which is ventilated by a large 120mm fan on the back. To ensure sufficient airflow, additional holes are placed along the sides around the company logo embossed on the side panels. The front of the case is covered with a Plexiglas panel, and also sports several status LEDs. On the whole, the Thecus N4100 leaves an excellent impression with respect to build quality."

Hot swapping virtually eliminates costly downtime, and works very well on the N4100: "All drive bays support hot swapping, so any of the drives can be exchanged during operation should the need arise. This is a crucial feature in RAID 1 and RAID 5 arrays if a drive should fail; in this case, the faulty drive can be replaced immediately while the array remains available for use. This worked well during our testing, and the required rebuild - that is, the integration of the new drive into the existing array - worked flawlessly,"

The verdict: "…this device is a solid offering. It worked flawlessly during our tests, features good build quality, and allows easy integration of additional storage space into existing networks, complete with authorization structures (LDAP/Active Directory). "


  • As a compact external system, the N4100 is small, comparatively light and certainly more energy efficient than any computer running as a dedicated file server.
  • Adding the device to a network, ideally with Gigabit Ethernet speeds, is an easy task even for novice users or less experienced administrators.
  • Using a RAID 1 or 5 configuration greatly improves data security compared to storage on a single drive.
  • The N4100's support for JBOD lets the user start small and then add up to three more drives as the need arises
  • Drives with capacities up to 500GB worked flawlessly, allowing a maximum capacity of up to 2 TB.

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