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“This NAS impresses with its wide range of functions and high reading speed. In addition its price is very competitive, and HDMI output allows direct connection with playback devices. ”
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07/27/2016 - In the recent round-up PC Magazine, Russia tested several different NAS models from a variety of brands, from the results they chose Thecus N4560 as the best storage solution in the group of 4-bay devices. This model from Thecus was not only impressive with its functionality but also with its value. The current economic and financial situation has prompted many businesses to consider business expenditure more judiciously and seek more cost-effective solutions to maximize ROI, the same refers to home-users who prefer to pay for the essential functions and not for marketing tools.

“Our choice in the NAS category for SMB and home users with 4 bays is the Thecus N4560. This NAS impresses with it’s wide range of functions and high reading speed. In addition its price is very competitive, and HDMI output allows direct connection with playback devices. Including an integrated power supply, two fans for efficient cooling and a user-friendly front panel with LEDs which are definitely worth paying attention to. ”
 “Thecus N4560 delivers a rather attractive price (compared to other 4-bay models on the market) for several reasons. First, this NAS is not overloaded with unnecessary functions, of course more is better, but in the small-business or home environment many of them just will not be used.”
“Speed levels of the N4560 are at the acceptable level for a 4-bay NAS. Even, we can say, at the excellent level, if we remember the price for this NAS. In the Sandra test with two HGST HDN724040AL hard drives and with RAID 1 configuration, the N4560 demonstrated speeds of reading and copying 81 and 87 МB/s accordingly; it was the best result in the group.”
Thecus’ latest operational system ThecusOS 7.0 has a broad range of functions thanks to a variety of applications and modules, including remote access to the information on the server via Internet or DDNS and multimedia services like UPnP and Bonjour. Integrated tools for monitoring HDD condition allows detection of any HDD problems at an early stage to prevent further risk to the system. “Thecus N4560 makes an impression of being a very reliable and powerful device, which can successfully tackle all tasks needed in both the business and home environment.”
We thank Maria Eroshkina and the whole team of PC Magazine, Russia for the award.
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