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“It is without any doubt perfect for a NAS Consumer”
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07/08/2016– Bits n Chips has established itself to be a reference point for their Italian readers who want to know the most hidden aspects of technology. Having just recently started to look at NAS devices, they wanted to take the Thecus N2810 for a test run.

Thecus N2810 is a 2-bay NAS, powered by the Intel Celeron N3050 Dual-Core processor, with 2GB (expandable to 4GB) of DDR3 RAM. “The Thecus N2810 proves itself to be an excellent product of its kind. It is without any doubt perfect for a NAS consumer, whether you live in a large family or you work in a rather lively office. Whatever your particular requirement, it would difficult to find a function that the Thecus N2810 would not be able to cover.”

Providing the ideal environment for immersive multimedia entertainment, the N2810 delivers superbly detailed images, with spectacular color contrasts in 4K resolution playback, accessed through the HDMI output.“NAS devices are becoming real independent multimedia stations, which can operate well without the support of a PC: connect to a TV, and here you can watch movies, surf the internet or download a Torrent. The Thecus N2810 is no exception, and indeed, Thecus takes this concept to the extreme. We are facing a real PC disguised as a NAS.”

The review finished as it started, very positively. “In light of the results of our testing, we feel we can definitely recommend this product for experienced users, that is, to those looking for a NAS that can cover a multitude of tasks, perhaps exploiting it directly sprawled on the sofa. All these features offered demonstrate the excellent work that has been done by Thecus. This a purchase you will not regret.”

Thanks to the team at Bits n Chips for this review.
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