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“Where the emphasis is on performance!”
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07/04/2016– lab501 is the biggest technology-based media in Romania, worldwide known for their expertise in all things electronic, this month they turned their attention to Thecus’ N5810 NAS.
The 5-bay Thecus N5810, delivers an Intel Celeron J1900 Quad-Core CPU, with 4GB of DDR3 memory (expandable to 8). With Seagate’s  8TB HDDs, this NAS has the mammoth capacity of 40TB. “Well, Thecus N5810 has reinforced my opinion that Thecus NAS that can compete and perform like the most popular brands on the market. Thecus OS 7.0 adds functionality, a nice design, and every user will find the functions will satisfy their needs. N5810 makes the most from the strong platform that is built on, achieving performance worthy high-end results in our tests.”
Ideal for SMB, this NAS has the internal computing power to run any job fast. “Thecus N5810 is the fastest NAS we tested so far, the performance is simply impressive. In normal use, connected to the  router, our NAS attained speeds up to 107 MB / s for reading and 106 MB / s for writing of a large file, also ran at 92MB / s reading and 42MB / s for writing in case of normal files (JPEG). 
Thecus OS 7.0 adds functionality, any user will find the functions you need in place in this OS. Moreover, except for certain times when both fans revs to keep the hard drives temperature below a certain threshold (perhaps 60 ° C), the NAS is silent and does not exceed 42W of consumption.”

Even in the end, the review continued its positive outlook. “I have always looked at their products as an affordable alternative to the bigger NAS companies. Thecus NAS usually distinguish themselves in the marketplace with quality and price-ratio, however it was great to test this NAS where the emphasis was on performance.

Thanks to Tudor at lab501 for this review.
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