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Versatile NAS offers easy set up and blazing performance
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02/02/2010 – CCE Reviews offers some of the web's best and most detailed reviews on consumer electronics, and recently, they brought in the all-new Thecus® N0503 NAS device for a test. What they found was that the N0503 is not only incredibly easy to set up, but offers a wealth of features and blazing performance to boot!

The N0503 has no shortage of features: “The N0503 (along with the rest of Thecus' line for that matter) is pushed as an all in one home multimedia device so it comes as no surprise the unit is loaded with features. The NAS functions as an iTunes server, photo server, media server and print server. It has a built in download manager and well, it does a lot of things. For those who are familiar with Thecus products, or have read our review of either Thecus' other products, it should come as no surprise- Thecus is quite fond of packing in the features.”

Getting set up is easy: “In recent times, at least with the 3.5" drives, Thecus has moved from a cage style assembly to rails which to those of us who have simply spent too much time taking a screw driver to tiny, tiny screws (multiply that by four, and then by the number of drives) is a welcoming change. This switch in design has made the installation process entirely tool-less and a lot easier too! ”

Performance is also top-notch: “With office productivity, we are a wide array of file sizes and generally random access. While in comparison with sequential throughout, random access as shown by the Office Other NAS units we have seen in the past have suffered in this test due, however the N0503 handled it incredibly well.”

The conclusion? “Getting the unit up and running is a breeze. Within 10 minutes, I had the hard drives in, the unit booted, web UI loaded and all ready to setup RAID...It is packed with features, and it is flexible. The N0503 is fast- there is no doubt about that and even in RAID 5 it manages to sustain some excellent numbers. For a three drive NAS, or five 2.5” drive NAS the N0503 happens to fall into the more expensive side of things, but alas is the nature of performance hardware…While it does cost a bit more, the N0503 can easily runs circles around the majority of three and even some four drive network attached storage units offered today.”

· Excellent Performance
· Solid Construction
· Flexible

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