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“The N2810 does not disappoint”
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06/13/2016Trusted providers of tech content for North American readers and around the world. TweakTown has looked at many of Thecus’ storage solutions with the N5810PRO being reviewed only two months ago. This time Tweaktown decided to have a look at something smaller, the two-bay NAS the N2810.

The N2810 was launched back in January of this year and is planted in the latest architecture from Intel. “This solution like many others is now taking advantage of Braswell, Intel's latest chip manufactured on the 14nm process. The N2810 has at its heart a dual-core solution paired with 2 GB of DDR3 memory.”

Designed for maximum ease and user-ability, the N2810 allows users to access their very own multimedia centre. “This NAS is firmly rooted in the SOHO space and even leans more toward the casual user that wants both storage and media capabilities. Furthering this is the availability of Plex and Kodi App support out of the box while backup chores can be left to Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Elephant Drive while anti-virus details are maintained by Intel Security, formerly McAfee.”
Created for durability, the N2810’s robust build and performance enables users to carry out activities seamlessly. “Thecus goes for the industrial heavy metal design, so the N2810 does not disappoint. We have a full chassis made of steel with a touch of plastic on the front to add a bit of style. Keys secure the drive bays and the trays are tool-less. The N2810 does perform quite well in synthetics matching or going above performance seen in competing solutions. In single client, we found a peak of 113 MB/s in playback and record and same too can be said for RAID 1 where this unit peaked at 95 MB/s in the same test.”
Overall, the final thoughts of the N2810 were positive.“Thecus has always had a way of setting itself apart from many other vendors, whether through aesthetics of their appliances, which tend to air on the industrial side, or through software. With the N2810 being the first platform to ship with OS 7 onboard, I was pleasantly surprised to see how many more features Thecus had ironed out with this new OS.”
Thanks to the whole team at Tweaktown for this review.
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