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“It's fast, it's solid, it's very serious.”
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06/10/2016With a list of Thecus NAS reviews under their belt, this time the team at KitGuru decided to have a look at the award winning at Thecus’ 5-bay NAS, the N5810PRO.

The N5810PRO is unique in the market place, with robust hardware specifications it diversifies itself with a built in contingency power supply. Power or no power, users can be confident that their data is secured. “The battery UPS is a superb feature for businesses and could really save your bacon if the power dips or you suffer some other problem. Knowing your NAS will continue spinning for 20 minutes gives you time to either shut it down or to cross your fingers and wait for the power to return.”

The combination of the quad-core Intel Celeron J1900 processor and 4GB (upgradable to 8) of DDR3 memory will yield users with high levels of performance.The hardware in the Thecus N5810PRO is excellent for small office use and could stretch to a medium sized business at a push. The array of five drive bays, five Gigabit Ethernet connections and three USB 3.0 ports is much more generous than you find on most NAS. Thecus N5810PRO is an excellent NAS that should provide sterling service.”

The final thoughts of the N5810PRO were resoundingly positive. “The ThecusOS 7.0. is very able, very confident. I have been very impressed using this NAS. It’s fast, it’s solid, it’s very serious. The hardware is very good indeed, that UPS could save your bacon in case of a blackout or even a brown out when your RAID can easily be scrambled. Provided you have a certain level of technical knowledge (or employ a member of staff who does) Thecus N5810 PRO is an excellent NAS that should provide sterling service. If you are a Thecus aficionado, it is fabulous.”
Thanks to Leo at KitGuru for this review.
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