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“The Thecus N2810 with the new OS is definitely one of the more versatile NAS units available on the market”
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06/02/2016With well over 15 million pageviews monthly Guru3D is one of World's leading Interactive Entertainment and PC Hardware fan sites. covers the hottest hardware on the market, this week their attention locked onto to the Thecus N2810.

“A Linux powered NAS unit that is price competitive while offering proper performance. Armed with a dual-core Intel Celeron processor and 2GB of memory with the ability to upgrade, this unit rocks and offers a lot in a crowded NAS channel. The N2810 can take 2 HDDs, has low power consumption, but most of all can be used for 1080p / 4k HTPC accelerated media playback as it has HDMI out and sports a custom version of XBMC (Kodi).”
“The Thecus N2810 has an implausible amount of tricks in it, from file-sharing, to usenet or torrent downloading, towards being a fully fledged CMS server, hey man --whatever you need is served. The step upwards with the new and improved Thecus OS, now at build 7, has been massive. Even if you have an older series Thecus NAS, if you can upgrade to new firmware you should as it will feel like you own a new NAS.”
“Thecus has now widely implemented HDMI applications on NAS platforms. At the Thecus interface simply install XBMC, Thecus offers a custom and optimized build, to offer KODI access to available video acceleration hardware. It is a pretty cool feature as with XBMC (for example) you can play movies, and it works pretty darn well I must say.”
“The Thecus N2810 with the new OS is definitely one of the more versatile NAS units available on the market. We recommend the Thecus N2810 for the SOHO and consumer side of the market, it is a very handy NAS with good performance and extensive features that you may expect from a NAS unit anno 2016, and the ThecusOS 7 firmware does make a nice difference”
Thanks to Hilbert at Guru3d for this review.
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