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“The N5810 is one of the top five-bay appliances on the market today”
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05/13/2016- TweakTown, a dominant force in the IT outlet industry, has been giving their readers an in depth look at the NAS industry for years. Having previously looked at the N5810PRO, they were interested to see how the more consumer-friendly version of the Thecus N5810 weighed up against it’s sister model. Here is what they reported.

“In the middle of last year, I spent some time with the N5810 Pro, quite easily the best five-bay NAS that Thecus has ever made up to this point. In taking advantage of the success of the Pro model, Thecus has now released a non-Pro version removing the built-in UPS, halving the five GbE ports down to two, [...] making fo a more budget-friendly option for the consumer. With that said, at the heart of this NAS we still have the same J1900 SoC from Intel's Bay Trail lineup, and adding to this is 4GB of DDR3. Connectivity is done through the two LAN ports, three USB 3.0 ports and a HDMI output.”
Thecus released their new operating system ThecusOS 7 only a few months ago. With a brand new user interface, it provides users with a much more optimized and smoother experience. Thecus has slowly been building up some quite exciting features within their NAS lineup, and adding to that now is Thecus OS 7. Right from the start, we notice it has an entirely new look to it. The App store, while being quite new, does have a good amount of apps in it including Plex and Transmission, two of my favorites."

The final verdict of the N5810 was very positive. “Overall, with the launch of OS 7 and many of the new features including BTRFS support, the N5810 NAS is more attractive now than ever before. The N5810 is one of the top five-bay appliances on the market today. The build quality is top notch including the internal components, every IC in this appliance comes from Intel including the SoC, NICs, and SATA controller.”
Thanks to the whole team at TweakTown for this thorough review.
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