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“Friendly and simple interface of this NAS welcomes every user to comfortably work with it after installation. Everything works fast without any delays”
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Overclockers,ru, one of the leading Russian media recently reviewed one of the most affordable and yet functional NAS for home usage - Thecus N2310. Below is the summary of their thoughts about this NAS.

External Look

Thecus N2310 has an aluminum chassis construction with a plastic element on the front. Cooling is ensured by a fan with a rather big size of 60 x 15 mm, which is not only efficient, but is very quiet as well. The fan speeds up only during the system reboot and installation, and then slows down and hardly noticeable by ear. Hard drives are installed with the screws, but they can be firmly set up in the bays even without screws. On the back of the NAS there are two USB ports – 1 X USB 2.0 and 1X USB 3.0, as well as Gigabit port, Reset button and +12V input for power consumption.

Installation and Operation

“Drives configuration is done very easily, it can be done by anyone, even a person which has no knowledge about IT. The only place which really requires deeper thinking – RAID type configuration: RAID0, RAID1 или JBOD, and then decision, whether he needs a separate password with encryption and their own identification. The system defines everything automatically.”

The original file system is ext4, as it is Unix-roots operational system. “We very much liked that there is additional security level, and any action to delete the data files should be double confirmed by the user.”

“One of the very important technical feature of Thecus N2310 is its ability to work as Rsync server for backup of the data from other systems, and what is worth mentioning there are two options: working with remote severs of Rsync and working with connected external drives.”

Torrent client is easy to install as well, with simple interface. It worked well and showed the maximum speed which was limited only by the maximum speed of the internet.

“Friendly and simple interface of this NAS welcomes every user to comfortably work with it after installation. Everything works fast without any delays”

Thanks to Alexander Kuskov and the whole team of Overclockers, Russia for the review.

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