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“An extremely quick unit with great specifications”
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03/14/2016  - MrThaiBox123 has taken charge in the IT Vlogger community, churning out amazing video reviews of the latest and greatest Tech gadgets and systems on the market today. A review of the Thecus W5810, was the latest video from the YouTube phenom.

Windows Storage Server NAS

The Thecus W5810, is a 5-bay NAS which is the latest addition to its Windows NAS series. This friendly OS looks like other Windows devices and it matches perfectly in offices which have a Windows environment. “This is a NAS with a very big difference. Instead of coming with the usual propriety Linux OS like most NAS devices do. This one comes preinstalled with Windows Storage server 2012, R2 Essentials. So you can quite literally use this as a PC if you desired.”

The ease of using a Windows NAS is awe-inspiring compared with a Linux NAS. The W5810 NAS is simple enough to be set up without IT support yet provides enterprise-level solutions. “This is really a fantastic bit of kit to give you all that windows functionality, without having all the aches and pains you have installing it on a physical purpose built server. This straight out of the box gives you the ability to go straight ahead  to create yourself a domain, set up the DHCP, set up DNS, set up all of your file sharing. All of this using a interface you are used to.”


“It's a great little advice. If you want to go ahead and have a prebuilt, predesigned device that's going to do a purpose built job, whilst sitting on your network providing files and other services , then this is really a fantastic way to go ahead and do that. All without the complexity of the other devices you may find in the marketplace today.”

Thanks to Adam for the great video review.

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