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50% of the top 10 NAS products bear the Thecus® brand
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01/12/20102009 was another banner year for leading digital storage maker Thecus® Technology. During this time, Thecus® released a multitude of innovative storage products, ranging from the pocketable N0204 miniNAS, to the infinitely versatile N0503 ComboNAS, all the way to the powerhouse N7700. Recently, decided to analyze the SMB/SOHO market to see which storage brands fared the best in China, and according to the latest ZDC data, they discovered that Thecus® Technology was the leading storage brand in the SMB/SOHO market in China, occupying 50% of the top 10 storage products!

In the first chart, ZDC data indicates that Thecus® has taken a commanding lead in terms of overall brand importance for the SMB/SOHO storage market with 23.7%. then analyzed the top 10 storage products for this market, and found out that five of them were Thecus® storage solutions, including the N4100PRO, N3200PRO, N0204 miniNAS, N7700 and N5200.

“Thecus® has come a long way, and our top placing in China's SMB/SOHO market is the result of many years of dedication and hard work by the entire Thecus® team,” said Florence Shih, Thecus® Technology General Manager. “But we will not be content and simply rest on our laurels. In the future, we will continue to make world-class NAS products that push the envelope and redefine what people expect from NAS devices.”

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Thecus® Technology Corp. specializes in IP Storage Server solutions, including Network Attached Storage (NAS) , DAS, External Storage and Wireless Media NAS (Bank ) products. The company was established in 2004 with the mission to make technology as transparent and easy-to-use as possible, and to make products that are not only the best on the market, but are accessible to experts and novices alike. With a best-in-class R&D team highly experienced in storage hardware and Linux software and with a keen customer focus, Thecus® stays close to the market to develop high-quality products to fulfill the storage Server needs of today's world.
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