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NAS solutions offer a host of features to ensure data security from both internal and external threats.
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02/26/2016 – More and more home users, if not talking about businesses, consider purchasing a NAS solution. NAS is becoming an integral part of business and gradually a part of home environments. However, we often hear a lot of questions about security of information transmitted via NAS and stored on NAS servers. People, became used to computer systems, yet still have this paradigm in mind, that their data is not fully protected and can be viewed and accessed by others any time.

However while it is true for computer systems, it is not true for NAS solutions which are much more advanced in every single aspect including data security.

NAS manufacturers totally understand the importance of data security and the fact that data protection for business is often a life-or-death situation, so they deploy lots of mechanisms which automatically protect data and different tools of data access management.

First, all the data transmissions are encrypted. So the data is fully protected if it is transmitted via Internet. Moreover, NAS can perform as a VPN server, and also have access to the data on the server, which can be done remotely from any device via a VPN channel which is absolutely safe.

Second, RAID volumes are protected too, nobody can have access to them or change anything unless he has an encryption key. It is impossible to break this security level.The same as RAID volumes, certain folders can be encrypted to protect the data in them from any access.

When we talk about “cloud” and NAS, we mean “personal cloud”, it means the data is really stored on one`s NAS, not on a third party`s server or virtual server as it happens in case of “public cloud”. It means an absolute privacy and protection of the information stored.

Another security mechanism is the access roles management tool, which is implemented in the software. The administrator of NAS easily and quickly sets up access roles for NAS users, depending on their right to see and use different kinds of information. This mechanism helps to define the access level for each user and control them.

Moreover NAS software allows users to define the IPs which will be blocked from accessing the NAS or to set-up criteria on which the system would block certain IPs.

There is also a multi-level system of account security and verification as well as notification of any suspicious actions, so that NAS owners stay alert.

To protect the data against viruses, different anti-virus software are provided in the package together with NAS.Thecus Technology Corp. provides a comprehensive Intel security package with their NAS solutions which is an advanced software effectively protecting NAS against all possible threads.

In the recently released new software version OS 7.0 Thecus Technology Corp. took a step forward in the level of data security in their new Photo Center - an in-house design app for management and storage of photos: when sharing photos with friends, users send generated links or QR codes which receivers use to download the album/pictures, and to ensure the ultimate security level, these can be password-protected to ensure peace of mind. 

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