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“I've had the Thecus N5810 PRO NAS for a month now, and I'm totally in love!”
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02/25/2016 Anthony is a regular reviewer at TweakTown, an organization which has been offering the latest computing technology content and news to the international community for well over a decade. A month ago due to poor performance with his previous NAS system, he upgraded to the Thecus N5810PRO. Here is what he had to say.  

Thecus N5810PRO  NAS

For those who have been thinking of upgrading their current NAS system, now could be the time.I was looking into getting a new NAS and talked with Thecus over Computex 2015 to see if they could help me out. They were more than happy to help, sending me an awesome new Thecus N5810 PRO, a  5-bay NAS.”

“I've only been using the Thecus N5810 PRO for a few weeks now, but it has been super stable, super quick, and an overall, great experience.”

Setup & ThecusOS 7.0.

Setting up your NAS system is easier than it has ever been. “The setup of the Thecus N5810 PRO was super-easy, so much so that I was up and running within minutes. The longest time you'd spend on the setup procedure would be building your RAID array, which can take hours. I'm only using two Seagate HDDs in the N5810 PRO, so it was a quick experience getting things to operational capacity. As for ThecusOS 7, it's gorgeous.” 

Upgraded Transferring Speeds

Powered by an Intel® Celeron Quad processor, 4 GB DDR3 RAM (expandable to 8GB), and equipped with 5 LAN ports, the N5810PRO is able to reach rapid throughput speeds of up to 500 MB/s. “Transferring files to and from my various desktops and laptops, I was achieving 100MB/sec+ over wired GbE, which is exactly what I expected. After months of insanely slow transfers over my dying QNAP TS-639PRO, seeing the speeds instantly jolt up to 100MB/sec was a godsend.”


“I've only been using the Thecus N5810 PRO for a few weeks now, but it has been super stable, super quick, and an overall, great experience. Keep checking back here at TweakTown, as we've only just started our exciting NAS adventures.” 

Thanks to Anthony and the rest of the team at Tweak Town for the review. 

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