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“If you need a comprehensive network attached storage device plus a multimedia center with 4K support, The Thecus N2810 is worth your attention.”
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02/19/2016 Recently the video-review of the Thecus N2810 was published on  the YouTube channel, ArtomU . The Thecus N2810 is a newly released NAS with 4K support and new software, Thecus OS 7.0. Below is the summary of the main aspects pointed out in the video-review.

Hardware Platform

The N2810 is built on a dual-core Intel Celeron CPU and is equipped with 2 GB of DDR3 RAM. It supports RAID 01 and JBOT.. HDMI with 4K support, lockable HDD trays, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, reset and power buttons – all these and many other features belong to this new model. The construction itself is very solid, the chassis is made of metal, and has rubber feet.

Reboot and Performance

An easy and comfortable interface allows users to reboot and set up the Thecus N2810 quickly and smoothly. The settings monitoring module and the quick access shortcuts allow users to change settings much faster and receive information about system status and service status any time it is needed. Performance tests showed reading around 100Mb/s and writing around 78 Mb/s. The Thecus N2810 is synchronized with the Thecus Applications Center, which allows users to increase NAS functionality by choosing and downloading numerous applications thoughtfully sorted in groups and categories.

Multimedia Center

Tests showed a very high-quality of full HD content playback via Kodi with a wide range of settings including display size, resolution and zooming. The N2810 tackled all the tasks excellently and proved once again to be an optimal choice for a multimedia center.


“In conclusion, here we get not only a comprehensive NAS but a multimedia center as well with an HDMI port supporting all resolutions up to 4K.”

We would like to thank Artyom Yuschenko for a great review of the Thecus N2810.

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