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With the ability to act as an all-in-one device in a home setting, NAS are quickly replacing the cluttered devices that act as a home multimedia center.
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01/20/2016 - Thecus has been a leader in the data storage industry for quite a while, and has gained reputation as a trustworthy provider of reliable solutions for government authorities, big corporations and scientific research institutions. Beyond just industrial solutions, the company has made a lot of development towards the home/SOHO user segment as well.

It is no secret that home multimedia centers are becoming an essential attribute of every home.

Why is that? Multimedia centers are not only entertainment tool, but also a method of education, communication and even for conducting business. Home multimedia centers generally consist of a router, a NAS/multimedia player/PC desktop and a TV screen. These are the essential parts of any multimedia system.  Long ago the majority considered PC Desktops as the main component of a multimedia center around which the whole system could be built.

The current trend is to make any device at home act as multifunctional as possible as nobody wants their home to be cluttered with various devices, remote controls, cables and so on. Another strong concept is communication between all the devices at one`s home, so that the content can be displayed on screens in different rooms, files can be downloaded from a computer in one room while video is being played on the screen in another room, and there will be no necessity to move the devices around or change the cables. Multimedia centers that meet these critical requirements is a truly modern solution. That is why nowadays NAS is taking a major role in home multimedia centers, leaving far behind the usual desktop and out-performing multimedia-players.

The main basic requirements of every end-user for their home multimedia center can be described as the following:

1. Silent operation
2. Torrent client to download the content 24/7
3. Unlimited storage space allowing to create a huge multimedia library
4. Data safety
5. Access to the library from any device in any part of the world
6. No limitations for the formats of the files and content

It is very clear that basic desktops cannot meet these requirements. As for a multimedia player, it cannot fulfill one of the most critical tasks – unlimited storage space. Most multimedia-players have only one HDD bay and no possibility to upgrade. Neither can multimedia players ensure the safety of the stored multimedia content, because one HDD offers no other mechanisms to back up data. Multimedia players are commonly noisy and often times can work with only one TV screen. This means they need to be moved around in a situation where a user wants to watch his favorite movie but in another room using a different TV screen. There is one way out this – a media-streamer, but it means additional costs and one more device whiles still providing no solution for storage space and content back-up.

NAS solutions look like an optimal choice. They are multifunctional; performing the tasks of not only a multimedia-player directly connected to a TV screen via HDMI, but also act as a storage server providing unlimited possibilities for data storage and safety. It can be easily connected into your local network via Ethernet and can communicate with all other devices efficiently. There is no need to move the devices around home, all the content can be viewed and streamed on any screen no matter where it is located in the living room or bedroom or kitchen, the library can be accessed from any device everywhere, and “everywhere” means not only all around the house but all around the world where there is internet connection. And of course, we should mention the silent operation and energy efficiency of Thecus NAS solutions. This allows for 24/7 power and downloading meaning you can keep things up and running at all times. With the recent release of the N2810, consumers are given an ideal solution that even offers 4K playback for a truly modern multimedia experience

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