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“At the current moment, based on our experience with Thecus and other competitors` NAS solutions, this system has the best administration panel and the best interface overall.”
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01/13/2016 - Megaobzor is a Russian media outlet covering new technology, innovative products and IT industry news and events. They use different formats including video-formats which are getting more and more popular. Recently they reviewed the Thecus N5810PRO and were impressed by its performance. Today, they are going to have a look at Thecus' new operating system, ThecusOS 7.0.

User-friendly Interface of OS 7 and Its Functionality

“From the launch of ThecusOS 5.0, the direction of Thecus Technology corp. was clear and aimed towards providing intuitive solutions for everyday users. ThecusOS  7.0 continues in this direction. Today there is no need to be an engineer to install a home NAS, it is as simple as installing HDDs, connecting the device to the network, and powering it on.”

As with other operating systems from Thecus, start up is simple and takes 3-5 minutes to complete. Once underway, the interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. “The main window of the administration panel is designed in light colors. This reminds us of a tablets design, so it will be much appreciated by those who use gadgets with sensor displays, i.e. tablets or laptops. The Interface is not overloaded with elements. All functions are united into groups according to the types of settings.”


 “The new OS from Thecus is a big success. Benefits from previous operating systems are kept, but the interface has undergone significant improvements. There has been serious work done, behind the beauty of the interface we can see intuitive and thoughtful design. At the current moment, based on our experience with Thecus and other competitors` NAS solutions, this system has the best administration panel and the best interface overall. This operation system will fit the requirements both of professional users and absolute freshmen. The only thing remaining is the official release of OS 7 for upgrade. The Thecus N5810 completed all the tasks excellently. ”

Thecus OS 7 is receiving the Gold Award from

We would like to thank Megaobzor team and LeinarKhayrullin for cooperation and the award.

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