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“We can recommend the Thecus W4000+ for small offices that require a cost-efficient server or for users looking for some peace of mind.”
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01/07/2016 - After a long year of covering the latest gadgets on the market, Hungry Geeks sat down with their last device, the Thecus W4000+. This NAS is made unique as it comes pre-installed with Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials. Here is what the team at Hungry Geeks had to say.

The Hardware

In order to handle the abundant features and function of the WSSE software, the W4000+ is outfitted with a strong hardware platform. For the hardware, the Thecus W4000+ runs a dual-core Intel Atom CPU running at 2.13GHz, furthered by a hefty serving of 4GB of RAM. The device also comes with a 60GB SSD for its innate OS.”

The Software

The WSSE software looks very similar to Windows 8.1 giving a feel much like a PC. This familiarity gives it an easy to use feel, and of course, it is loaded with features. “The Windows OS caters to a large number of backup features that it makes your backup, more backed-up thru Microsoft Cloud services. Also, it's not just a NAS, it's a server. So if you're planning on creating your own site with resources that you'd love to share while keeping it locked behind an impenetrable fortress, then the W4000+ has those too.”


“In terms of build quality, the Thecus W4000+ is robust and rigid. It's certainly of high-quality make, making no reservations or compromises with its structure. The numerous ports and the added RJ45 port makes it one of the most port-filled NASs in the market. Plus, the four HDD bays, aside from making it more future proof compared to 2-bay NASs, are also physically secured by a lock-and-key mechanism. We can recommend the Thecus W4000+ for small offices that require a cost-efficient server or for users looking for some peace of mind. It's not that expensive and again, offers a lot with its Windows Server OS and great build.”

Thank you to Jose Felenco and the team at Hungry Geeks for the great review.

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