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“One of the more versatile NAS units available on the market.”
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12/23/2015 - As a main stay in the IT media industry, Guru 3D has been bringing the latest news and product reviews to its audiences for several years. Whether it is the hot off-the-shelf consumer product or a prosumer business device, Guru 3D has a knack for finding products that audiences are eager to hear about. Today that product is the Thecus N5810.

A first look at ThecusOS 7.0

Still in the early stages of its Beta testing, ThecusOS 7.0 is lined up to make a big improvement to software on Thecus NAS. With ThecusOS 7.0 things will change for the better (bigtime), it's a 360 degree turnarround really. The application list you can use on this machine is ginormous. A fun feature is the HDMI connector and thus HD television compatibility. You can connect this NAS directly towards an HDTV, Full HD 1080P  (60Hz) will be supported. From there onward just connect a keyboard and mouse to the NAS USB Port and in the home screen you can access the admin interface of this NAS. Obviously XBMC is your choice of weaponry here.” 


“A NAS is not just a file-server anymore, these are fully fledged file serving servers with a plethora of applications and functionality. The Thecus N5810 with the new updated software definitely will be one of the more versatile NAS units available on the market. We like what we saw for hardware, software and functionality.

The overall performance is really good, it is Gigabyte Ethernet compatible. At a 500 EURO/USD marker it is not cheap though we feel the price is fair for what you get, and you are receiving a SOHO server. Right, the Thecus N5810 we can recommend for the SOHO and consumer side of the market, it is an incredibly fun and handy NAS with excellent performance and extensive features that you may expect from a NAS. Based on the new OS software it earns our Storage Sweetness award.”

Thanks Hilbert Hagedoorn for the review

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