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" The operating system features are almost unlimited.”
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12/09/2015 - Redes Zone is well known for providing deep and trustful reviews to their readers. With strong interests for NAS devices, in the past, they have tested the N2310 and the N5810PRO with very good results. This time, their professional team decided to test the 4-bays, N4310. Let´s take a closer look at the details.

Do it your way

 “Thecus NAS run on an outstanding, Linux-based platform with a host of services and configurations. The ThecusOS allows users to install a lot of additional software to extend and customize the functionality of the NAS.” The software is powered by high performing Thecus hardware. “The performance we have achieved is very remarkable with values of up to 100MB / s read and about 70MB / s writing, both Samba / CIFS and FTP.”

Plex, the Popular Multimedia app

Multimedia features are very important with today's NAS. Without doubt, Plex is one of the top applications to help users manage multimedia files. “The Thecus N4310 allows users to install Plex with just a simple click in the application center. The NAS will automatically download and install the Plex Media Server and users can enjoy multimedia content through either the local network using DLNA or Plex applications. Plex has been running on this server with excellent results, playing several movies in HD 1080p without pixelation or lag.”


·The NAS is built with top quality materials.
·The technical specs. Besides the medium level hardware, the price is really competitive and it includes 4 bays.
·Remarkable performance in both reading and writing with both Samba and FTP.
·Remarkable performance of USB 3.0 ports.
·ThecusOS 6 is a comprehensive operating system full of possibilities.
·Multimedia features with DLNA server or Plex, and it also works great with Aria2.
·The fan is very quiet.
·Nice price

Thanks Sergio de Luz and everyone at Redes Zone for the review.

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