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“It does everything I need and has given me ideas for some things I didn't even know I needed.”
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11/26/2015 - OCAU has been a hub for IT enthusiasts of all types for many years. From gaming to enterprise computing, OCAU provides update-to-date information on the tech industry and acts as a platform for consumer discussions. Up for discussion most recently was the Thecus N5810PRO, a 5-bay NAS with a built-in mini-UPS.

One Step Ahead

As the only NAS on the market with a built-in mini-UPS, this two-for-one product sets itself apart from the competition. “First up, the UPS, which of course stands for “Uninterruptible Power Supply.” In short, a battery will keep the unit running for a short time if the main power goes down. This definitely sets the Thecus N5810PRO above most other NAS I've seen.”

All-Purpose NAS

The N5810PRO was designed to provide small businesses with a robust set of features as well as act as a powerful home server. “Starting HomeMedia gives you XBMC, a very popular media player and library manager. Within minutes I was playing HD videos direct from the unit. It played back normal .MKV movie files at 720p fine, and even high detail .MOV video at 1080p.”


If you're looking for a five-bay NAS with lots of network connectivity and the peace of mind of a built-in UPS, definitely consider the Thecus N5810PRO. It does everything I need, has given me ideas for some things I didn't even know I needed and its hugely configurable at various levels depending on how involved you want to get. It would be right at home at the centre of any small or medium network. It's certainly got several roles to play in mine.”

Thanks to James Rolfe and everyone at OCAU for the review

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About Thecus®
Established in 2004, Thecus Technology Corp provides market leading network attached storage and network video recorder solutions, committed to revolutionize how everyone from home user to enterprise level business centrally stores, manages and accesses their digital data both onsite and cloud-based. Thecus strives to deliver continuous innovation through cutting edge technology and design to provide data storage with the most customer-friendly platform, rapid performance and robust security. In May 2016, Thecus was formally acquired by Ennoconn Corporation and thus became part of the Foxconn IPC Technology group. Partnered together this diverse group of companies work in tandem to provide a total IoT (Internet of Things) solution. Now with an unparalleled portfolio to work with, Thecus is collaborating to bring unprecedented change to the network storage industry.