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“Wow, that is simply something I have to say right away. Wow, what an amazing NAS that Thecus created with their N7770-10G.”
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11/20/2015 - Always on top of the latest advancement in the IT industry, eTeknix has become a go-to site for news and advice on all things technology related. As the usage of network-attached storage becomes more abundant, eTeknix knows readers will be interested at the most recent 7-bay NAS from Thecus, the N7770-10G.

The Hardware

“The N7770-10G SMB NAS is built more like a normal PC, both in regard to the interior and hardware. The dual-core Intel Core-i3 CPU provides plenty of power for demanding tasks and supports hardware encryption. The use of normal DDR3 DIMM ECC modules also allows for an easy upgrade and more slots than we see when we deal with SO-DIMM modules. You get a CPU with 3.3GHz and 8GB ECC RAM right out of the box and you can easily upgrade the memory for up to 64GB ECC memory. The CPU is socketed, so you would even be able to upgrade that if you wanted to.”

“We don't just find a lot of horsepower under the hood of the N7770-10G, there are also plenty of connection abilities. To start with there are two Gigabit Ethernet ports that can be linked, but it also features an included 10Gbase Ethernet add-in card to take the whole thing to the next level. There are two USB 3.0 and six USB 2.0 ports to connect peripherals and storage devices as well as an HDMI and D-Sub VGA out for monitors. You can also use it directly as HTPC replacement for browsing and more.”


Feature wise you find everything from download managers over media applications as well as a comprehensive backup and failover solution. If you need it, you'll find it. The app store has over 700 apps listed and most of them are usable on this NAS. Seven drive bays allow for a raw storage of 56TB using 8TB drives, which is quite a bit. The front display is very convenient to check status and information as well as do basic configuration changes. 


“The Thecus N7770-10G is a NAS that comes with plenty of horsepower under the hood and connection abilities as well as plenty of upgrade opportunities. A great choice for any business that wants features and functionality.”


·   Great performance
·   Intel i3 3.3GHz socketed CPU
·   8GB DIMM DDR3 ECC memory, Upgradeable to 32GB
·   7-bay layout
·   Direct usage with HDMI and D-Sub out
·   10Gbase adapter included
·   Status Display

We would like to thank Bohs Hansen and the team at eTeknix for the review

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