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“A unit that, right away, starts to show real value and tackles important tasks for me and the lab.”
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11/13/2015 - Modlabs is a Russian media writing about IT industry solutions in almost all areas. Recently, they decided to have a look at the Thecus N2310. This arrived at an opportune time as the test lab was in urgent need of data storage as well as support for data transmitting between several PC systems, laptops and testing devices.

“Some time ago the task of data transmission and sharing was somehow solved by sharing folders on one of the PCs, and then we switched to cloud storage. However, with data growing significantly this approach stopped working well for us at some point. We had to decide between two options: to upgrade a router with USB-storage support or to transfer to a NAS solution. At the right moment we got the opportunity to test a NAS solution from Thecus, a company quite well-known in Russia. Today we will talk more about the Thecus N2310 solution.”


“The results of the tests show that the Thecus N2310's hardware allows for maximum levels in speeds that NAS can show in writing and reading data.” According to the Modlabs team, the software interface is also very user-friendly and comfortable to use even for an average user. “Set-up was very easy, just plug it in, boot it up, and you are ready to go with all your folders. I believe every user can perform these tasks. Also, system log is a very useful and easily manageable. After analyzing the files even an average non experienced user can understand the status of the NAS and point out the important issues.”

“The SMART module showing the NAS status is very interesting as well, here one can check the current temperature of the NAS and even run a small test for bad-blocks. One or two hard drives can be installed and JBOB, RAID0 and RAID1 are available.” 

We would like to thank Modlabs team for cooperation.

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