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"One of the first NAS built on the new Intel platform opens new possibilities to work with data and new levels of data transmission speeds.”
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10/12/2015 -  Megaobzor, is a Russian media resource covering new technologies, IT industry news and events. With Thecus releasing its innovative 5-bay mini-UPS NAS, the N5810PRO the team at Megaobzor decided to give it a look and were left very impressed. “This NAS is designed for the SMB segment and here we can see a completely different level of security and data-protection. This NAS is a rare case, as it has a built-in mini-UPS.”


The Thecus N5810PRO is built on a modern platform: Intel Celeron J1900 (Intel Bay Trail) with Silvermont architecture, 4 GBT of RAM SO-DIMM DDR3L-1600 (can be upgraded up to 8 GBT), six SATA-ports, five Gigabit ports controlled by Intel I210, 2 GBT of DOM. This NAS is distinguished by low levels of energy consumption and heat dissipation.


“All this hardware is powered by an AcBel Polytech PSU with an 80 PLUS Bronze certificate. In order to eliminate the risk of data loss in the event of a power outage, Thecus includes a built in mini-UPS. It provides, on average,  5-7 minutes of extra time after power loss.”



Software includes all the modern mechanisms of a data storage system: DDNS for remote access, different RAID-modules (0, 1, 5, 6, 10), support of IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, DHCP, as well as EXT3, EXT4, XFS and Btrfs file systems. Creating different access rights and users` groups is available, as well as different scenarios of backup. The software has a different module for printer control and management of the built-in mini-UPS.

“ThecusOS™ 5.0 is designed for professionals, but it will be easy to use for the majority of ordinary users. The main window has easy to recognize icons and menu options and these are available in many different languages including Russian.”


The Thecus N5810PRO is an excellent NAS with a well-balanced feature set which are optimal for the SMB segment. At the same time it is a great choice for a home-user for data storage and transmission as well as an HTPC system. This is one of the first NAS built on the new Intel platform which opens new possibilities for working with data. With no surprise, it demonstrated flawless operation for several weeks of testing in our lab. The Thecus N5810PRO provides excellent performance not to mention a built-in mini-UPS.”

“We are giving the Thecus N5810PRO a
well-deserved award, the ‘Gold Editor`s Choice' by”

We would like to thank Megaobzor team and Leinar Khayrullin for the review.

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