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Stellar features and performance land the four-bay a 9 out of 10 score
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12/23/2009A follow-up to the four-bay NAS that started it all, the Thecus® N4100PRO is a monster, offering a plethora of features and break-neck performance. The folks over at Hardware Analisis recently had the opportunity to check out the N4100PRO and see what all the fuss was about. After some rigorous testing, editors found that the N4100PRO does live up to its lofty claims, citing ease-of-use, stellar performance, and low noise. They were so impressed, that they gave it their Golden Award and a blockbuster score of 9 out a possible 10!

Problem-free operation is one of the hallmarks of the N4100PRO: "So far we have seen the options offered in your N4100PRO Thecus, but how about work? Because of our testing the N4100PRO has behaved very well, without giving us any problems.”

The N4100PRO delivers performance without making a racket: "As is well known, the transmission speed of files in a NAS system depends fundamentally on our home network. In our case the network has a speed of 100Mbps, which provides a maximum transfer rate of 12.5 MB/s. Our actions, both downstream and upstream of files, have offered good transfer rates, now hovering around the 11.5 MB/s, which is excellent. Generally we have been pleased with the performance offered by the Thecus N4100PRO; also, it is not very noisy in operation because the only time the fan is used is during the system boot.”

The verdict? "Thecus has left us greatly impressed with the N4100PRO, one of the most powerful NAS systems the manufacturer has. Due to its characteristics and performance, rather than the domestic market, the Thecus N4100PRO is focused on small and medium businesses that need a file system accessible to all employees. Thecus NAS This is a very powerful tool, both for the many hardware configurations that allow us to make the settings as the software itself that Thecus has developed. Control over any of the parameters of the NAS to have is maximized; there is no parameter that is left to chance."

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