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“The N5810 Pro is a high-performance NAS server that consumers very little energy.”
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08/28/2015 TechPowerUp, an internationally recognized online IT media, is well- known for its up-to-date analysis of the most recent releases in the technology industry. With the launch of the N5810PRO by Thecus, TechPowerUp got to work with its assessment of the new 5-bay NAS.

 All-in-One Solution

The N5810PRO is equipped with a plethora of features that allow it to be a workhorse in both the home environment as a robust multimedia hub or as a mini-server for the office. “The N5810 Pro can easily cover a small business environment or address the upper-enthusiast category.”

File System Flexibility

“One of the most notable features of this server is its support for three filesystems. It not only supports the ever-popular EXT4 system, but includes support for XFS and Btrfs. The latter filesystem provides many interesting options to those who make use of it as it includes snapshots, pooling, checksums, and other features.”

Uniquely Designed

“The feature that makes this NAS stand out from the crowd is the fact that it can be equipped with a small battery that plays the role of a mini-UPS, which gives the NAS the time it needs to save the data before it shuts down during a power cut to keep your data's integrity intact. This is a very interesting feature and you to the best of our knowledge won't find it in NAS servers by other NAS manufacturers.”


  • Support for file-systems (Brfs, XFS) other than EXT4
  • Good performance
  • RAM upgrade is possible
  • Equipped with five Gigabit Ethernet ports (with LACP support)
  • Reliable and silent operation
  • Full metal casing
  • HDMI and audio-out ports
  • Option for fast RAID creation
  • LCM module boosts usability
  • Many optional modules and two apps for smartphones
  • Short enough boot and shutdown time
  • ThecusOS, the operating system, is mature, not hard to use, and snappy
  • Lockable high-quality trays
  • The AC Power Resume function can be useful
  • ErP Lot 6 2013 compliant
  • Embedded mini-UPS allows for more than 10 minutes of autonomy

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