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“With regards to its functional range, the N5810PRO is a true all in one solution.”
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08/10/2015- HardwareLUXX is a German IT media focusing mainly on high-end users and PC enthusiasts. The average reader has a general knowledge of computers and this is why HardwareLUXX  publishes more complex and detailed reviews and manuals on high-end product, such as the Thecus N5810PRO.


“The N5810PRO includes an Intel Celeron J1900 processor (2 GHz, Quad-Core, SoC) to run operations. It also sports 4 GB DDR3 memory, expandable up to 8 GB, which makes a lot sense when it comes to bigger sized networks and workloads. For connecting with the network, there are five Gigabit ports on the backside which can be used for link aggregation. Wake On Lan (WOL) support is also provided.”

“The integrated backup power supply, a 130 Watt lithium-ion battery, comes in the form of an additional pack which is inserted into the back of theN5810 and serves as a mini-UPS. In case of a power loss, the system will continue operation to ensure a safe shutdown process. The status of the battery can be seen via a web browser and also on front panel display.”

“As part of our testing process, we disconnected power to the unit. As soon as the NAS recognized power was disconnected, it provided an audio alert. The operation of the NAS did not change and the drives still operated under normal conditions. Additionally, there was an entry in the system log, "The AC power was lost and switched to battery power”. In our setup, the N5810PRO initiated automatic shutdown after 4 minutes and 10 seconds. We think this amount of time should be enough to end all running processes and data transfers in a controlled manner without data loss.”


“A special feature we highlighted for this unit is Disk Clone and Wipe. Connected drives (no matter of SATA or USB) can be safely cloned or erased with a few mouse clicks. The integrated VPN server ensures safe access from the outside. To support mobile usage, Thecus is offering apps like T-onTheGo and T-Dashboard that provide remote access to the NAS. Additionally, the steadily expanding Thecus App Center offers more than 700 different applications.”


“With regards to its functional range, the N5810PRO is a true all in one solution. Five HDD slots provide enough space for a well dimensioned NAS and five LAN ports allow for an enormous performance boost. The embedded 2 Ghz Quad Core processor and 4 GB RAM bring enough reserves to satisfy numerous users and also to operate parallel with a variety of network services/servers. Lastly, the integrated UPS completes the portfolio and provides safety against power losses. With all of this in consideration, the N5810PRO was given the “Technik Award.”


  • Integrated UPS
  • Five Ethernet ports
  • HDMI output (HTPC operation possible)
  • Plenty of features (e.g. USB-Clone/Wipe) and many apps
  • Front display

Thank you to Jens Wredeand and everyone from HardwareLUXX for the review.

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