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“The Thecus N5810PRO is the best option available at this time.”
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07/29/2015- As one of the cornerstones in IT media, Tom's Hardware has long been a trusted source for consumers researching the latest developments in the technology industry. With the recent release of the Thecus N5810PRO, Tom's Hardware took to the task of informing their readers of what this unique mini-UPS NAS has to offer.

Bringing about Btrfs (B-tree file system)

The N5810PRO is one of only a handful of NAS products on the market that is able to utilize Btrfs.  “Thecus offers it as an option alongside EXT3, EXT4 and XFS. Btrfs brings pooling, snapshots and checksums to the system,” and is anewer and more refined file system than Linux EXT4.”

Battery Backup

Power failures can be devastating to storage devices making a backup power supply critical for a NAS.  “Building a UPS into the appliance is a step forward in the evolution of these products, and we would like to see the feature added to more products designed for home offices. The Thecus N5810PRO is the only NAS in its price class with a built-in battery backup that allows the system to save your data even after the power goes out.”


“When used as intended, the Thecus N5810PRO is the best option available at this time. No other product other than older Thecus models incorporates the mini-UPS battery backup system. Thecus' simple setup process allows users to be up and running in less than ten minutes and the quality ensures years of trouble free use.”

Thanks to Chris Ramseyer and everyone at Tom's Hardware for the review.

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