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Editors say that “the N5500 is a great NAS”
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12/02/2009With a slew of cutting-edge features and wickedly fast performance, the N5500 from Thecus® Technology is the ultimate five-bay NAS. In their latest issue, APC Magazine had the chance to take the N5500 and put it through a gauntlet of tests. When all was said and done, the N5500 passed with flying colors, as editors praised its performance, functionality, and ease-of-use. APC Magazine liked it so much that the decided to give it their Highly Recommended Award, saying that “the N5500 is a great NAS!”

APC begins with a short introduction: "Thecus continues to add feature and boost the performance of its NAS units. The new N5500 is a 5-bay NAS the supports a broad range of RAID configurations and can be used seamlessly in mixed LANs with Windows, Macs, and Linux clients. The browser-based UI has been given the AJAX treatment. Configuration options are set out logically and the interface is easy to navigate. We did the initial setup by browsing to the device's IP address, but for less experienced users there's a wizard on the accompanying CD.”

The N5500's Dual DOM design impressed APC: "Every NAS is really a computer. Its operating system resides on a Disk on Module, or DOM. If the DOM fails the NAS is dead and your data may be at risk. The N5500 boasts Dual DOMs - if one fails, the second automatically swoops in to save the day.”

And what about performance? "Connected to our gigabit test LAN we put the N5500 through its paces. We added a folder to RAID 5 array and copied a 480MB file package to and from the N5500. Copying to the N5500 took just 10 seconds - that's on par with locally connected FireWire 800 drives. The return trip was a second faster, making this one fast unit."

Superb data security, flexibility, and network performance are all strengths of the N5500: "In addition to support for RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and JBOD, the N5500 can be used as a web, FTP, or media server. It supports up to five 2TB disks and you can aggregate multiple N5500s so that they can be controlled as a single system. File system and protocol support is broad and the unit has dual gigabit interfaces that can be aggregated for increased performance or redundancy."

For the full review, check out the November 2009 issue of APC Magazine.

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